Presto Music Theory Exercises

We hope you enjoy exploring some
of our Presto exercises!

Reading Music - Note Names

Can you say the first 7 letters of the alphabet? If so, you are ready to learn how to read note names in music.

Notes are the core symbols that composers use to show performers how they would like their music to sound.

Identifying note names is the first step in understanding how to read music.

Level 1 Line and Space Notes

Reading Music - Key Signatures

Knowing which letter of the alphabet goes with the notes is only the first step in reading music. Each note has three versions: natural, sharp, or flat.

The key signature tells you which kind of notes you need to play for a piece.

Reading Music - Rhythms

What is it about music that inspires you to tap your toes or even get up and dance?

Notes grouped together into patterns that tell you how fast or slow to play a group of sounds are called rhythms.

However, you don't need to play or sing different pitches to play a rhythm. Clap your hands and create your own rhythm!