Music Makers Camp Curriculum

Train your music students for success!

Music Makers Camp offers beginning and advanced students an opportunity to perfect their theory skills.

  • Music Makers Camp is a music curriculum for elementary students that can be run as a summer or afterschool program.
  • Camp Directors have access to tutorials, exercises, activities, quizzes, and all administrative and marketing materials needed to successfully run the camp.
  • Music Makers Camp is a fundraising opportunity for schools and parent organizations.

Camp Structure


Music Makers Camp can be run by the school music director, school administrator, or parent volunteers.
Advanced high school music students can volunteer as subject experts under adult supervision. These high school students, known as Music Maker Young Professors during the camp, will earn community
service hours and valuable teaching and leadership experience.

The camp consists of up to nine stations in one large room or in separate locations. Each station focuses on a specific topic.

Camps include 8 curriculum areas with up to 3 levels each. Areas include musical symbols, note ID, sharps and flats, key signatures, rhythm and note/rest values, intervals, scales, chords.

Students move from one station to another at their own pace as they master the material.

Students take written tests on each topic when they are ready.

At the camp’s conclusion, there is an award ceremony where students receive certificates for topics they have mastered.

Step #1: Determine your camp format

  • The summer camp is designed to be a one-week intensive (15 hrs.)
  • Students can repeat the camp to learn different skills.
  • The afterschool camp is designed to be taught once a week after school.

Step #2: Promote your camp

  • You pay a flat fee for the camp based on expected enrollment. The fee is as low as $6/student.
  • You then charge a student enrollment fee for participation in the camp.
  • You are provided with online marketing materials to assist in promoting the camp to local elementary schools.

Step #3: Run your camp

  • Your Camp Director manages the camp using Music Makers online materials and detailed plan of operation. He/She receives a time-limited subscription to a set of online teaching materials.
  • Students receive a time-limited subscription to a set of online exercises.
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