Music Makers Class Curriculum

Enlightened music education curriculum for classroom and at-home instruction

Music Makers appeals to the brilliance in every child. It encourages young students to develop their natural ability to enjoy, understand, and create music.

  • Music Makers is an online music curriculum for school and home classrooms.
  • Every teacher and parent can teach Music Makers lessons.
  • Music Makers meets music education standards.
  • Music Makers is appropriate for first, second, and third grade students, and can be adapted for other elementary grades.

Music Makers Lessons Include:

  • Music theory: elements of music and music notation
  • Music history: the great composers and their music
  • Ear training: listening to compare notes
  • Listening repertoire: recognition of classical pieces
  • Singing repertoire: performance of songs

The teacher or parent presents the lessons on a computer and guides the pace of the presentation. Students participate by listening, singing, echoing, clapping, moving, improvising, and answering questions.

The program is designed to ensure student success, with gentle feedback for incorrect responses and the option to select another answer.

Music Makers Features:

  • Music library of children’s songs and classical pieces
  • Printable lesson plans and worksheets
  • Audio pronunciations of vocabulary words, composer names, titles of classical pieces
  • Simple navigation and operation
  • Prompt phone and email support
  • Eco-friendly

See examples of what Music Makers has to offer!

Celeste Clapping

Amadeus Pointing