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The Music Makers team includes professionally trained musicians and educators committed to integrating technology with a grounded yet enjoyable approach to learning music!

Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir, the Founder and Creator of Beauvoir Music Makers

Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir was inspired to create the Music Makers In School Curriculum while she was a volunteer music teacher in her son’s first grade classroom.

The school had no music curriculum for the primary grades, so Dr. Beauvoir, a classically trained pianist, had the opportunity to develop an innovative approach to teaching music.

Dr. Beauvoir knew that very young children are capable of understanding and creating music, and she began teaching the first graders aspects of music education usually taught to older students. She designed computer presentations with music, animation, and interactive exercises to help the students learn musical concepts and practice musical skills.

The students responded enthusiastically to her high expectations. They were eager to attend music class and could be heard singing in the school hallways.

What started as a half-hour of singing evolved into Music Makers, a comprehensive online music curriculum. Dr. Beauvoir has continued to create music products from this initial curriculum.

Dr. Beauvoir is a doctor of counseling psychology in private practice. Learn more about Dr. Beauvoir’s work at: