Music Theory Test Preparation Classes

Set yourself up for success!

Beauvoir Music Makers offers in-person and online classes to support students at all stages of music theory study.


Next class begins January, 2021! Contact us for more information.

On the first day of class, you will take an assessment to determine which music theory topics you will want to focus on.

Based on your individual list of topics, you will:

  • work on each theory topic one at a time, using a clear, step-by-step process
  • practice the material through individual and group activities
  • study new topics while reinforcing previously learned material through practice tests

Classes conclude with group reinforcement activities (games) that inspire students to keep practicing at home!

Why study music theory outside of private lessons?

We offer theory test preparation and practice that supplements the music theory concepts taught in private lessons. Theory classes are not a replacement for private instrumental instruction but a support for private instructors and an opportunity for students to focus on theory.

We supplement music theory concepts taught in private lessons.

Students deepen their understanding by exploring music theory in a new way. They have focused practice and instruction time to boost confidence in areas needing attention.

Answers to some common questions:

Most topics are taught using both treble and bass clef. Note ID includes alto and tenor clefs and the grand staff.

Topics include Note ID, sharps and flats, key signatures, intervals, scales, chords, rhythm, dynamics, articulation, tempo markings, general vocabulary, notation, periods of music history, and composers. We include a lot of rhythm practice because many students need to focus on this topic.

We ask parents to drop off students. Parents are invited to attend activities at the end of some classes where students get to “teach” the parents. This fun activity opens up a dialogue around music theory outside of class.