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Parent and Student Comments

    “My son had so much fun doing the activities while learning too. He looked forward to it every time.”
         – Parent of student alumni

    “For me the exercises are like a video game and are really convenient. I can just bring one up on my phone anytime, like while I’m waiting in line at the grocery store. It’s a really convenient way to learn.”
       – Adult music student

What We Offer


Music Makers Elementary School Curriculum

Music Makers Elementary School Curriculum is an online music curriculum for elementary classrooms. A sequence of entertaining lessons helps each student achieve musical literacy. The lessons can be taught in person or virtually by classroom teachers, music teachers, and homeschool teachers.
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Pupils Playing Musical Instruments In School Orchestra

Presto Theory Study

Presto Theory Study is an extensive set of online music tutorials, exercises, and quizzes. Middle school, high school, and private music teachers can direct their instrumental and vocal students to Presto to learn theory skills. Individuals of all ages can use Presto to learn to read music and understand music theory on their own.
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Presto Music Theory Camp

Presto Music Theory Camp is a curriculum designed for use in music camps and afterschool classes. Tutorials, exercises, activities, and assessments allow beginning and intermediate music students to study music at their own pace. The curriculum can be taught in person or virtually by classroom teachers, music teachers, and parent volunteers.
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Music Makers Virtual Theory Classes

In Music Makers virtual theory classes, students learn beginning to advanced theory skills. In these online classes, students spend 3-6 weeks focusing on a specific theory topic. Choose the concepts to focus on and be prepared for your school’s ensemble class or theory exam.
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Theory Tutoring

Beauvoir Music Makers offers individual music theory tutoring in note ID, intervals, scales, chords, ear training, and more. Our tutors are classically trained musicians experienced in online tutoring. Single brief sessions and packages are available.
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